Board members 2018

Board members 2018

— camper 2015
Campers and leaders come together as friends.

Campers and leaders come together as friends.

Marlene and Ryan, a wonderful team.

Marlene and Ryan, a wonderful team.

— camper 2015
Lester is an all star leader! So positive with everyone !

Lester is an all star leader! So positive with everyone!

— camper 2015
Dhruv and Thomas in an epic battle of giant connect 4

Dhruv and Thomas in an epic battle of giant connect 4

Our university student leaders are beyond AMAZING!

Our university student leaders are beyond AMAZING!


Our leaders are volunteers who are at least 18 years of age. Leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, from social service careers, university and college students, professionals in the ABI field, family members and community members.  Leaders must have a valid first aid certification and criminal reference check.

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1. When is Camp Dawn 2019

Camp Dawn is held at Rainbow Lake, September 12-15, 2019 Camp starts at 12 noon on the Thursday and ends at 11 am on the Sunday. 

2. What do leaders do?

Our leaders work in groups to facilitate activities for campers, playing an integral role in Camp Dawn. There are two leaders and 5-7 campers per cabin. Most campers are self-sufficient and do not need to be constantly monitored; however, leaders are expected to know the whereabouts of their campers. Leaders are NOT expected to act as personal assistants for campers – campers that need that level of assistance will come to camp with their own personal attendants. Rather, leaders play a friendly role in guiding campers towards a fun camp experience

3. How do I get there?

We provide a free bus for leaders and campers coming from London, Sarnia, and Hamilton. Leaders may drive their own vehicle to camp but must turn in their keys upon arrival at camp.

4. Packing List

Camp Dawn hosts camp in a large recreation building and cabins. Many activities take place outside, rain or shine, and so packing for the weather is important. Long sleeves, comfortable pants and t-shirts, extra socks, a hat, a rain jacket, an umbrella, sturdy shoes (shoes that can get wet are ideal), etc. We recommend packing 4 days worth of clothes. Pack all personal supplies (toiletries, grooming, sunscreen, camera). There is no swimming at camp, so no bathing suit is needed! We do not have a space for locking up belongings and so we discourage leaders from bringing valuables. You will need a sleeping bag/sheets/a blanket and pillow for your cabin. You can bring your cell phone, and we do have Wifi. All medication you bring will be locked in the RN station which is staffed by a Board member and is always accessible. Leaders are not permitted to leave camp for the duration, so please bring anything you may need for the 4 days (cigarettes if you are a smoker, enough medications, enough clothes, etc). Please let us know if you are able to bring things for activities (eg a guitar or other musical instruments, sports equipment etc). NO FOOD/DRINKS may be brought to camp.

5. What are the campers like?

Campers come from Southwestern Ontario ranging from 18-65 years old. Many of our campers have come to camp for several years, but we do get new people each year. All of our campers have sustained an acquired brain injury. Campers are required to be independent – with respect to their personal care – to attend camp. Campers who are not independent must come with a 1:1 attendant to provide this care for them. Our campers require assistance at times with things relating to memory, organization, planning, and mobility (pushing a wheel chair). Our campers attend camp to have a break/vacation. Many are still in rehabilitation, some live at home, and others live in a group setting. Camp provides them with opportunities that they don't have in their home communities.

6. What training is provided?

The Camp Dawn Board of Directors provides on-going training, beginning with the submission of applications. Training includes teleconferences and in-person group sessions, run in the months leading up to camp.

7. What is a typical day like?

Camp is busy! Each day is filled with activities from 9 am to 10 pm. Prior to camp, leaders sign up for activities they would like to help out with, as well as an overnight shift of their choice. For time slots during which leaders are not scheduled to an activity, they are expected to help with activities that require extra help.

Day 1: Arrival, sign in, locate your cabin/campers/hold a cabin meeting, new leader training, dinner, pm activities.

Day 2-3: These are full days of activities including; canoeing, hiking, high ropes, crafts, dance, bonfire. Once at camp, leaders join each activity to help where needed. We try not to assign people to a specific location unless needed.

Day 4 (half day): Clean up, breakfast, pack up, closing ceremony and bus home.

We do ask that leaders sign up for one part of a night shift, in which you are awake/monitoring camp in the evening (11pm-3am/3am-6am). We require 3 leaders on each shift, each night. While you are on this duty, we arrange coverage for your cabin as well as time in the morning for you to rest.

8. What are the cabins like?

All cabins have 2 washrooms and 1 shower. There are 2 leaders per cabin, and 5-7 campers. Each cabin is divided into 3 rooms, each with 3 beds. Leaders typically sleep in a different room than their campers. There is a wheelchair accessible cabin which is slightly different – it houses more leaders and campers, and the washrooms are larger.

9. What about the food/special diets?

All meals and snacks are provided by the camp. Camp does not permit any outside food – Camp Trillium runs many camps throughout the year for vulnerable populations and can not risk contamination via food/drink. Special diets can be accommodated but must be indicated on leader applications. There are 3 meal times and 3 designated snack times per day. Water, juice, and coffee are readily available throughout the day.

10. What qualities are you looking for in a leader?

We expect leaders to be friendly, energetic individuals who can propagate the positive Camp Dawn atmosphere. Leaders must be mentally and physically capable of spending the majority of the day on their feet, running activities for campers. Any experience with vulnerable populations such as the ABI community is recommended but not required.

11. Who can I go to with questions at Camp Dawn?

At camp you will meet the Camp Dawn Board members and some of the more experienced leaders, who will be able to answer questions for you. In cabins, we try to pair new leaders with experienced ones, and also assign one board member as a mentor for each group of leaders. We are here to support you, because we want to ensure that our leaders also have a great camp experience.

12. What are the rules that leaders must adhere to?

Camp Dawn has very clear policies and procedures in place that you will be required to agree to and sign before camp. While at camp, the most important things to keep in mind are; knowing where your campers are at all times, following our standards of conduct, and helping ensure our campers do the same. We do not have rules about bedtimes (some campers stay up late playing cards, relaxing), wake up times, or activities (some campers come to just relax and be with their friends).